Privacy Policy

Your use of this application means you have reviewed this policy and agree to the terms therein.

Content of the privacy policy

This application doesn’t:

  • Collect or use any personal information
  • Store any personal data
  • Share it to third parties

For proper operation, this application might collect the following data:

  • The title of opened windows
  • The class of opened windows
  • The name of the processes that have open windows

This data is treated for proper function of the application and never sent online.

Microsoft Store users only

This section only applies if you acquire the application via the Microsoft Store.

If the application crashes, built-in Microsoft Store telemetry features might send to the developer anonymized information such as:

  • Stack trace of the crash
  • System specifications
  • List of processes running on the system
  • Memory dump of the application process, which might contain data collected for operation

This information will only be used only for debugging, will never be shared with third-parties, will only be acquired if required and will then be deleted as soon as possible