Jazz Disk Bench is a cross platform application for accurately measuring performance of the storage. Both sequential and random read write is supported. It also support stress test and external storage test.

Benchmark Description

1.Sequential Test. Reading or writing 16MB data sequentially. Reflect the speed when copy large files.

2.Random Test. Reading or writing 4 KB blocks in a random location (Q1T1). Random IO play an important role in performance of a device. The slower random performance, the more possibility of lag.

How to submit my results?

You can submit benchmark result if the following conditions are met:

  • "Submit Results" in the app settings are enabled
  • Benchmark is run at default setting
  • Target drive is internal storage
  • Capacity of the device is larger than or equal to 4 GB
  • All benchmark option are selected ( seq & random)

Note: When run iOS app on macOS, results will not be submitted to server.